We live in a world which is centered around social interactions for success. In our daily lives, it’s essential we talk to and work with others. It’s the only real way we can move forward.

But, for the introverted among us, that can prove difficult. Social interaction drains us and leaves us needing to refuel. Which is why many of us turn our homes into private havens. They’re the place in which we embrace our alone time. When you shut the front door on the world, you leave social interaction behind. Or, do you?

If you live on a street with other houses, it’s all too easy to start feeling that you can’t even find privacy at home. If you can see straight into your neighbours living room, there’s a good chance they can see into yours. As such, you can feel invaded, even when home alone.

While you may want to turn your home into a high-security fortress, it’s not practical. You don’t want to become the unsociable one on your street. The good news is, there are subtle ways to increase your privacy. And, we’re going to look at a few of them here.

Work with your windows

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, and your windows are the eyes of your home. As such, these are the main area you should focus on in your quest. Nobody enjoys people on the street gawping through their windows, least of all us introverts.

So, start with the basics by investing in curtains or blinds to cover your windows. Without these, you can rest assured that people will get a good look as soon as it’s dark. But, with your windows covered, they won’t be able to see a thing. Blinds are, of course, the most secure privacy method. They ensure there’s not even a gap to peek through. Plus, you can keep these open, but down during the day. That way, no one will be able to see straight into your rooms. If you prefer the idea of curtains, opt for something like these Montgomery made to measure curtains, which are designed to fit your windows, and will ensure no gaps are left wanting.

It’s also worth considering window boxes for the windows at the front of your house. To an outside eye, these look like nothing more than a striking addition. But, they also provide fantastic coverage from prying eyes. As well as blocking a small part of your window, these distract attention from where you don’t want it. Opt for bright colours to ensure maximum impact.

How about hedges?

Fences may be okay for privacy in your back garden, but it’s not acceptable to cover your front garden with high fences, too. You could, of course, opt for a small trellis fence out front, but even this could come across as hostile. Instead, it’s worth considering hedges as a way to keep your land private. These aren’t as solid a choice as fences, and so don’t seem as bad from the outside. But, they still provide mental and physical privacy from the rest of the street. This way, no one can get near your home without doing so intentionally!

A front porch

is another fantastic idea and is a sure way of providing distance. Plus, it’ll look amazing, and may even add value to your home. Few neighbours will think badly of a stunning addition like this. And, you’ll be able to rest easy that your home is one step further removed. Plus, you’ll have two front doors. You’ll feel more private knowing that there’s that space between you and any visitors. On a practical level, porches also provide excellent storage space. Your home and happiness are sure to benefit from this option.

Again, you could use flowers to increase the privacy provided. By hanging flower baskets on either side of your door, you’ll be further concealing your home. And, no one will be able to tell you’re doing it!

Rearrange rooms

This may seem like an extreme step, but if privacy is a priority to you, it’s one worth taking. More often than not, home layouts put living rooms at the front of the house, and kitchens or bathrooms at the back. But, when privacy is your aim, this may not be the best option. After all, you spend more time in your living room than anywhere else. By comparison, you spend a relatively short amount of time in your kitchen and bathroom.

To avoid the feeling of being exposed of an evening, you could always rearrange the order of your rooms. Placing less-used rooms at the front of the house ensures that you’re in complete privacy the majority of the time. It may seem strange to have a bathroom facing the street, but frosted glass will make sure that no one can see in. This may well be the answer to your home privacy needs.

Get clever with planting

We’ve already spoken about how flowers are an easy way to distract attention from where you don’t want it. But, they aren’t the only natural resource at your disposal. It’s also worth getting clever with the plants and trees which surround your home. Planting in the right place will ensure maximum privacy.

Of course, you need to do this in a way which doesn’t block the natural light coming into your home. No one wants a dark space! But, planting trees or other shrubs in the correct areas could make a huge difference. Planting trees at the front of your entrance path, for example, would create a barrier. Or, you could plant a row of trees against the boundary of your property. It won’t look as hostile as a fence, but will actually provide more effective cover.

A final word

Despite what others may have us believe, there’s nothing wrong with wanting privacy at home. And, by following these methods, you can achieve it without stepping on anyone’s toes!

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