If you are looking to get fit, eat a little healthier, or just generally take better care of your body, then your phone could help. We all know that the smartphone can do a million different things, and these days it is not too surprising when someone says that it can do something new. But sometimes it is still a shock just how effectively that slab of glass in your pocket or your bag can assist you with something basic and everyday. When it comes to taking care of your own physical health, there are actually a number of ways that your phone could be your best friend.

Pedometers, Be Gone

The Fitbit is one of those tech revolutions that suddenly swept through the world and caused a massive storm in its wake. But you don’t need an actual Fitbit to get the same effects. In fact, everything that it does can be replicated just as reliably by your average smartphone. Thanks to apps such as Endomondo, you can easily track your physical activities throughout the day – counting steps, calories burnt, and so on – as well as keeping an eye on how well you are sleeping, and for how long. What’s more, these apps become more and more sophisticated year after year so it will be no surprise in five years if you can do even more with them. No need for those old pedometers when you can do it all on your phone just as quickly.

Diagnosis: Mobile

In many countries around the world, it is becoming harder and harder to see a doctor in good time. If that is true of where you live, then you might be tempted to try out an online GP app. These apps allow you to speak with a doctor online through your phone, often being connected in a matter of seconds. You would be surprised at how often they can tell you exactly what is going on with you physically, even without being there to inspect you properly. While not suitable for every occasion – and probably not for emergencies – these apps could prove to be a fantastic way to save time and still be seen by a doctor you can trust.



Aiding Recovery

Now here is something truly amazing. Recent research has shown that teenagers suffering from concussion can recover much faster if they use a specific app in accordance with also receiving the necessary, usual medical treatment. The app in question is called SuperBetter, and it was devised by someone who suffered from a concussion. It involves a range of games and other activities which have been proven to help the concussed individual regain their mental faculties faster than without. While there is always a degree of trust that we are placing in such apps, this is clearly the beginning of an even more exciting era of smartphones helping us heal. Who knows what is likely to be around the next corner?




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