It’s summer time and with that comes festival season. Summer time is a time where people will go on holidays, attend festivals and spend more and more time outside. So, here is just a few items we feel that will be essential this summer.

Inflatable Relaxer Chair Set

Featuring a comfortable and supportive wide back design and flocked surface, the Inflatable Relaxer Chair Set (pair) will be the place to be at the end of the day in the great outdoors. The easy flow valve means inflating and deflating are effortless, making it the perfect addition to the campsite or at a festival.

It’s very handy if you are going camping and with festivals such as the V Festival, Reading and Leeds Festival coming up, these could add some spark to your camping site. You can get them from Cotswold Outdoor for £70 

Kraken 2 Oversized Chair 

The Vango Kraken 2 Oversized Chair has been designed larger than the average chair, ideal for anyone looking for extra space and comfort while relaxing outdoor. Vango’s DuoWeave fabric combines soft to touch fabrics and superb resilience to provide a highly comfortable place to be at the end of the day. Featuring hard arms for additional load bearing and constructed with a strong steel frame, the resultant lower centre of gravity adds strength and durability, allowing it to hold up to 180Kg. The Kraken also features a padded seat and backrest, making this the ultimate go-to in comfortable, reliable camping furniture.

You also get it from Cotswold Outdoor for £55

Megapower Battery Pack 

The Macally MegaPower52 is a 5200mAh portable battery pack that provides 2.1A max output to quickly and fully charge your iPad/tablet, iPhone/smartphone or any other USB powered mobile device anytime, anywhere. To use it is as easy as 1-2-3! When you connect your mobile device to charge, the MegaPower52 automatically turns on and when your device is fully charged or disconnected, the MegaPower52 automatically turns off. Furthermore, the MegaPower52 has a smart LED display that shows the exact battery level percentage.

You can this from for £44.95


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 

Following the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it was left to see at how Samsung would respond and they have responded by releasing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. So, what’s new about the S8 Plus?

It has updated security features. As well as having a fingerprint scanner on the back, there is now an iris sensor which detects the movements of your eyes so when you look at it, it turns on automatically. It comes loaded with 64GB of memory and a 12MP dual pixel camera which is handy when taking photos, videos or streaming live. It also comes with SMART, a feature which lets you know who is calling you As a current user of the S8 Plus I can honestly say that it is a worthwhile investment.

You can purchase one from any of the big retailers – EE, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Three Mobile within the range of £480 – £600

Underwater Tunes 

The Waterproofed iPod Shuffle Swim Kit includes the same iPod shuffle you’d normally use, but waterproofed by Waterfi. The 2GB shuffle is waterproofed to 210 feet below the surface. It has 2GB memory to hold songs, podcasts and audiobooks, and with a promised 15 hours of battery life. The shuffle comes with waterproof short-cord headphones, also from Waterfi.

The kit retails for £155


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