I like my food wholesome and the surroundings I eat my food within much of the same. So it was no surprise that I didn’t want to leave after a morning of brunch and mouth-watering dessert, courtesy of the Whitechapel based eatery Foxcroft & Ginger.

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Foxcroft and Ginger is the brainchild of husband and wife team Quintin and Georgina Foxcroft. While Foxcroft is their surname, Georgina simply revels in being a redhead! But, it is these such personal touches so to speak that adds to the welcoming feel you get when you enter into the building.

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The décor of Foxcroft & Ginger is very pleasing to the eye and is simple yet effective. Comfy chairs are interspersed with stools and petite table tops. A nice fixture that immediately caught my eye was a pummel horse positioned near the entrance, a clever touch which further enhanced the husband and wife team’s vision of creating an eatery that was laid back and not pressurised or overly pretentious. I visited with my co-editor Syianne and she immediately commented on the overall design of the restaurant which can best be described as possessing a bohemian touch. The rustic feel was further conveyed by the wooden thatched roof which showed the framework of the building; another modern twist and notable difference when compared with other conventional restaurants.

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I felt relaxed from the moment I walked in and at no time did I feel pressure to get in, eat and duck out; like I often feel when I visit other restaurants. You may suggest that this may be down to the fact that I had been invited to review it; yet I had stumbled upon this little gem all be it by chance a number of weeks prior to my scheduled visit and the service and food were to the same standard; exceptional, across the board.

Gooey Chocolate Brownies, Foxcroft & Ginger

Now they say, brunch is the most important meal of the day (I could possibly be making that up, yet a breakfast that is filling is always welcomed!) and it was important that I got the best Foxcroft and Ginger had to offer. I must admit, I am well and truly a ‘fry up kinda lady’, so I opted for House made sausages, with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, proper fried eggs and sourdough toast. I will say now that I cleared my plate in minutes. The food tasted amazing and was perfect on the pallet. I absolutely loved the toast and the mushrooms which tasted so good I was tempted to ask for seconds.


I washed this down with fresh orange juice and a pot of tea that was presented in a mini teapot. (Those who know what a real cuppa tastes like will agree that nothing tastes better than tea brewed in a teapot.) Syianne had the same and although she has an aversion to eggs, she was able to eat hers simply because they tasted so fresh.


Then it was onto desserts.

I do love my cake and I have more recently developed a passion for carrot cake. Foxcroft and Gingers cake didn’t fail to deliver and tasted amazing. The cake was soft in the centre and simply melted in my mouth. Let’s put it this way, if this carrot cake was an edible version of heaven, I was simply floating on a cloud. I kid you not, it tasted too good and I was increasingly tempted to take a slice home.

Carrot Cake

Syianne opted for a Ginger cake which was mixed with a toffee centre. Although not a massive ginger fan, Syianne felt the toffee helped to break up the ginger kick and made it a perfect choice overall.

Ginger Cake

The menu at Foxcroft and Ginger is diverse and there is plenty of food to choose from. Brunch is served in the weekdays between 8am-12pm and weekends between 9am-4pm.

It is also important to point out that not only do you receive quality service and food but the prices are also very affordable. My breakfast which was a generous size would only set you back £9.50.

A special mention must be given also to the staff and management of Foxcroft who made our visit a pleasant one. I will definitely be returning to Foxcroft & Ginger to sample the other meals on their menu and I would advise that the next time you venture into Whitechapel, that you do the same.

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***** rating.


W| By Sasha Shantel                                       

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