Have you ever experienced as though the innate creative muse within your proverbial well has momentarily run dry? This unique feeling can prove to be mentally taxing and challenging, often leaving one to feel uninspired for a tentative period which offers no timeline for a return. We start to create pictures in our mind.

Where do we go from here? The answer is easier said than done. This moment of truth – and clarity – is unquestionably a blessing in disguise much to our chagrin, enabling us to opt for a needed timeout to evaluate the crossroads that has presented itself. Why are we experiencing this feeling? It’s human nature. There is no right or wrong as it pertains to an answer as each individual holds their own underlying theme in being creatively stifled.

Overworked and underpaid, compulsive repetition, unexpectedly slower progression than anticipated and even undiagnosed depression due to a series of life events can lead to this necessary evolutionary stage. During this timeframe, a sabbatical is generally the most logical answer in times of uncertainty and vulnerability. In has been scientifically proven that writing decreases the risk of cancer and high stress levels similar to reading, yet the aforementioned has its own double edged sword, for better or worse.

Selecting the right direction

Where do we go from here? Distance running or volunteering to gain new skills are among ideal and tangible substitutes for the creative outlets in your life. When one is living, sleeping and breathing their creative passion, it will often come at an astronomical price. The blind promises, the sleepless nights, the political structure and fairweather friends who pillage us for personal gain. The list is seemingly omnipotent. Much to the contrary, there is a lot one can discover in momentary defeat, notably a vigilant sense of who matters in your life in order to define what matters in your life. The company you keep is the crowd you bring.

Back to the matter at hand. Where do we go from here? Balance is critical. Creative outlets should not dictate – nor define – your existence, rather a richly invigorating course for personal development on your journey to amplify your moral fabric. How much have you learned about yourself, life in general and what defines you as a human being? A wealthy proportion some might suggest. It’s the moments where we question our motives that a turning point arises. Where do we go from here?



W| By Dean Perretta                                          

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