Self Love is a subject that I have found many people shy away from. There appears to be confusion between loving thy self and becoming driven by ego. The term ‘EGO’ stands for ‘Easing Good Out’ and nothing is more detrimental to the overall development of an individual if their ego overruns them.

There is nothing more vital for your growth as a human being that developing a healthy appreciation of yourself; both inside and out. If there is anything in your life that you want to attain, you first have to believe you are capable of achieving it. Love is a powerful verb; it is an action that asks of you to not only say it but to show it; to put it into practice. Once you’ve grown to love yourself, the whole of yourself; you will find that your life will improve for the better. Your dreams, aspirations, goals and vision will steadily take full form because you appreciate and love thy self. No matter the outcome, you trust and believe in the beauty of you.

There is no mistake that we live in a world where many people become consumed with hate, envy, and bitterness towards others which only acts as a barrier to them receiving good in their lives. Then there are those who depend on the love of others to get them through, but when they are no longer in receipt of it, they are unable to progress forward.

Embrace You In-spire LS

The true key to attaining success whether it is in your personal or professional life, is to embrace the beauty of you and all that you represent. Embrace your body; embrace your mind, your beliefs, your smile, your voice. Embrace the past for all the good memories it creates and for the ‘mistakes’ for they were not acts of regrets but necessary lessons learned. They were needed to ensure that you became the phenomenal woman or man that you are now.

Creating a healthy relationship with yourself will mean that in life; with all of its highs and lows, trials and tribulations. You will always soar amongst the stars and reach your true potential. Embrace yourself and beauty and uniqueness of you. There really isn’t anything that you can’t achieve when you take the time to look at all of the attributes that make you who you are. Today is the day that you embrace the beauty of who you are now and the time to embrace who you will become.

Appreciate YOU, do YOU, be You, LOVE you!



 W| By Diana Nortey                                      

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