As the days in our northern latitudes get shorter, darker and colder, there is no obligation to match the rather grey exterior with a similarly dim clothing selection. As long as the outside temperatures still allow for it, why not counteract grey skies with a healthy contrast of colourfully patterned leggings? While not everyone has the confidence to wear these clothing items, they are sure to get you noticed among the often rather colourless autumn and winter fashion.

With Aztec colour patterns being one of the more noteworthy current autumn and winter trends, Aztec and floral leggings are a chic, elegant and slightly edgy eye catcher. Be aware however that patterned leggings will almost automatically become the centrepiece of your fashion outfit – the one piece that attracts all the attention. Hence, you may want to limit the number of accessories and pair your patterned leggings with solid colours. Dark blouses or sweaters usually do the trick. They will ensure that your leggings are the focal point of your outfit while avoiding an overload of colours. With a bit of luck, discounts and vouchers for stylish leggings and subtle accessories can be found here. With voucher codes for over 1,400 online stores you are almost guaranteed to find something that fits your taste for a real bargain.

There is certainly a fair bit of discussion as to how leggings are worn correctly. Some prefer to cover the traditional leggings with a skirt or large t-shirt, while others prefer to wear them fully exposed. Depending on the occasion, the use of patterned pants and jeans may be a suitable alternative. They are equally stylish, as long as the above-mentioned combination patterns are taken into consideration to provide an appealing overall outfit. Hence, as the days get colder and darker, contrasting bright colour patterns may become any fashionista’s best friend.




W| By Alex Larsson

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