Dean Perretta is an accomplished Professional Sports Writer and WBAD Sports radio personality for The HYPE Magazine in Indianapolis, IN. The HYPE Magazine is recognized as the #1 digital magazine in the world, boasting ‘Magazine Publication Of The Year’ nomination by the SCM Awards 2014. Perretta also provides a diverse range of reviews, spotlight features, interviews and articles for FOX Sports syndicated Overtime Nation, and three-time award winning and BEFFTA-nominated In-SpireLS Magazine; Perretta has appeared on New York-based stations OWWR RadioJG SportsWBAD SportsTC Sports, and The Bob Sullivan Show.

Very Sexy Sports Professional Sports Writer and Presenter Michelle caught up with Perretta to talk about the brand new edition of The HYPE Magazine, Professional Sports, and controversial matters in sport as well as growing up in this insightful interview.

You have shared that you are working to promote The Hype Magazine, and also that you are an accomplished sports writer. The Hype Magazine is filed under the Music section at Barnes & Noble. I’m curious, what do you think about the cross over.  Does The Hype Magazine work to promote athletes who are involved in entertainment, such as the former NY Yankee, Bernie Williams? 

Firstly, It’s truly a blessing to have our publication sold in Barnes & Noble, 7-11, Target and K-Mart. We actively promote and liase with very talented professional athletes who are also not exclusively acquainted with the world of entertainment, and I wholeheartedly advocate the cross over mantra which was ultimately spearheaded by The HYPE Magazine founder Jameelah Wilkerson and Chief Editor, Jerry Doby. The HYPE Magazine essentially entails everything a reader can desire from hip-hop to Hollywood, so in essence we think outside the stereotypical box regardless of being pigeon holed by retailers.

Furthermore, we have consciously made steps into delving incessantly deeper in fashion, video games, and even respected brands traditionally not classified as urban entities. In relation to athlete partnerships, British Mixed Martial Arts athlete, Ben Craggy, is an official brand ambassador for The HYPE Magazine and sports The HYPE Magazine logo on his MMA attire during his entrance and during each bout; BET 106 & Park DJ Asap, Pop artist Torion Sellers, and 3-time Grammy Award winning producer Mil Ticket are amongst other brand ambassadors for The HYPE Magazine.

Of all the athletes you have interviewed, which one stands out as the most deserving of the title, “Role Model” and why?

Parents should be role models first and foremost. With that said, Rudy Gay (Sacramento Kings) was the most humble, soft-spoken and most community-driven professional athlete I have ever encountered in my time covering Professional Sports. His immeasurable assists within the community supersede that of those he distributes on the court. This has often been supremely overlooked in the greater favor of more controversially outlandish stories regarding athletes (i.e, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson). Professional Athletes routinely have a reputation for being brash and attitudinal, with mainstream media seemingly pin-pointing their flaws and negative aspects in their personal lives. Rudy (Gay) truly does his talking both on and off the court, and on that very basis he warrants respect as a both a two-time FIBA World Cup winner and as a noble man.

I recently read an article in The Hype Magazine written by Jerry Doby, [ THE Issue #86 ] entitled, Dark America.  What do you think about so many of the professional athletes seem to begetting into trouble with the Criminal Justice System in America. That being said, do you have any connections with the other writers at The Hype Magazine, or do writers pretty much work autonomously?

36 NFL athletes have been arrested or cited for criminal offenses in 2014 alone. In a 2000 study, one in three African-American males aged between 20-24 remain under criminal supervision – jail, pending trial, or parole. As far as The HYPE Magazine contributors go, we have a tremendous chemistry and appreciation on the ideals of what we each all bring to the table. Hard-working specialists such as Tony Savo, Marie Greer, Turron Davenport, Todd Davis, and Kareem Williams continuously show consistent excellence, with Jameelah (Wilkerson) and Jerry (Doby) being the very heart and soul and leaders of the brand in allowing us to keep our identity. The HYPE Magazine writers are more than writers in a lot of ways. We are businessmen and businesswomen who are PR managers, and are also vastly savvy engrossed in marketing, advertising, media presenting, alongside being experienced and logical in keeping our brand relevant, hip, cutting-edge and thought provoking.

Which professional sports league do you most prefer writing about and why?

I have always gravitated toward the NBA on the basis that I played in High School and in college. I even competed in the NBA 3X World Tour 2012 in the Footlocker Three-Point Challenge. Regardless of this relative bias, I seemingly long to remain attentive and appreciative to all of the major sports leagues. I appreciate the fact that athletes leave their families for the best part of the year, travel on the road constantly, and rectify harsh criticism that has been often drawn to them based on performance.

You shared with me that The Hype Magazine has been recognized as the #1 digital magazine in the world, boasting ‘Magazine Publication of the Year’ nomination by the SEA Awards in 2014.  Would you tell me more about the SEA Awards, and what this means to you as one of the staff writers?

Being recognized by the SEA Awards is the ultimate compliment in the field of urban entertainment. For myself and my gifted colleagues, this is a wonderful sign that our hard work and persistence has sheerly paid off. The SEA Awards is a staple of Southern entertainment which has provided national honoree awards to Nicki Minaj, B.o.B, Big K.R.I.T, and Yo Gotti. The SEA Awards was once a territorial ceremony, yet has expanded its visibility to California, Chicago, United Kingdom and Japan. The HYPE Magazine is sold throughout the nation, in Germany, with Japan certainly being the next nation to experience our way of life. It means a lot.

How do you get to be involved with the athletes you interview?  Do they come to you or does The Hype Magazine assign you with athletes it would like you to interview?

Generally speaking without taking full credit, I negotiate these deals on my part when undertaking my own initiative for requesting and/or sealing interview opportunities. However, Jerry (Doby) enables tremendous creative liberty as far as interviews are concerned with sporting talent, as long as it is best for business. He is a competitive individual with rich integrity and traditional Midwest values, and there is a common respect and trust based on what I have presented during my tenure with the company. It’s all about respecting our readers and satisfying their needs. Most recently, we interviewed WBC International Boxing Champion, Johnathon Banks, and have a plethora of athletes who have formally declared interest in both collaborating and being interviewed by The HYPE Magazine. There are times where we don’t approach the athletes, conversely they will come to us. We have gone from strength to strength in this department.

Which publication/news source do you think would be most similar to The Hype Magazine: Sports Illustrated or TMZ Sports? 

Neither. TMZ Sports is somewhat informal, brief and uncolloquial, yet has its own deserved niche and mass appeal. This is not to say TMZ Sports has zero journalistic prowess. Sports Illustrated is a publication that has distinct history, credibility and expertise, yet doesn’t necessarily speak to the casual or non-sports fan. The HYPE Magazine has been in existence since 2002, and has exponentially risen in terms of breaking new ground each year, whilst focusing on our own business rather than attempting to emulate another brand. The HYPE Magazine collaborated in actively promoting the SCAA Basketball charity event in Dallas, TX where all the proceeds went to the Suddent Cardiac Arrest Association. It’s always good to give back.

What do you think is the most controversial issue currently pending in pro sports right now?

Most notably, the Ray Rice situation due to the fact this has seen an indefinite suspension from the NFL upper echelon with an innocent woman harshly being the victim on this account. Rice will not be the first, nor will he be the last to suffer such draconian repercussions in being the recipient of being dogged by mainstream media at large after his questionable actions.

I also believe racism from fans to minority players in European soccer is an ongoing controversial issue that has not been correctly dealt with in regards to lengthy suspensions and actions. Nobody deserves to be subject to prejudice at work, and soccer is no different. Russian soccer fans recently verbally abused Brazilian star Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg) and Christopher Samba (Dynamo Moscow) during play where loud monkey chants rapturously echoed through the stadium; Russia’s mindset also enabled individuals to engage in anti-gay activism during Sochi 2014. Domestic violence and racism in Professional Sports is what needs to be erradicated slowly but surely. It boils down to the authority doing their job correctly in taking swift actions.

Do you have any favorite teams?  If so which ones, and why are they your favorites?

The New England sports scene is where I solemly pledge allegiance. The Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Bruins are the sports teams I root for avidly due to the fact there is a passion amongst the rabid fans in the city like very few cities in the United States; Chicago and New York sports fans are incredible also. Whether on the streets or in a bar, they are always talking intensely about the Sox or the Pats. Incidentally, Tom Brady is amongst my favorites Professional Athletes of all-time, with Boston Celtics legend and Indiana native Larry Bird being one of primary reasons I was mesmerized to the Celtics when I was growing up, as he deeply stood for Celtic pride. Other than Professional Sports leagues, I am an advocate of UFC due to the dedication and training these athletes practice.

What did you want to be when you were a child?  If a sports writer, why?  If not, when did you change your mind and why did you?

At age 11, a teacher in informed me that one day I would be a reporter if I applied myself correctly, whilst noting that I had endeavor and grit also. My earliest recollection was reviewing High School basketball games, and I would often make statistical notes of key performers and reviews during these heated confrontations. At the time, this was borderline leisure, yet I always had a passion for media. Whenever I was asked ‘What do you want to do?’ by peers I would always answer ‘I want to work in media’, which was an unfathomable pipe dream for me according to some. I was absolutely enamored with expressing myself with words, as it was a therapeutical release and creative haven where I could escape into when I felt the need to enter that creative domain. I have seen roadblock upon roadblock, and I have seen victory in defeat, and defeat in victory.

I feel in a lot of ways that I am just getting started despite what I have moderately achieved, and I look forward to 2015 and beyond in strategically taking things to the next level. I subscribe to the notion that I am only as good as my last article, and have tried to remain as accessible and humble to people as I can in living up to my part of the bargain with The HYPE Magazine. I also write for FOX Sports syndicated Overtime Nation and 3-time BEFFTA Award-winning In-SpireLS Magazine. It is great to collaborate with such like-minded people who share the same view in becoming better than yesterday. I personally thank everyone who has helped mould me into both a better person and creative.


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