Every once in a while, each of us should embark on a lonesome adventure to replenish our energy pools and reaffirm our inner balance. This is not a sort of vacation rife with banal hedonism; it is about physical activity and self-actualization through health boosting and fitness. If you are curious about where you can go for a superb solo escapade filled with constructive physical activity, these are eight must-visit destinations for solo travelers.

Wellington, New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand is located between the North and South Island. Wellington is the perfect getaway for solo travelers that love fitness. The city has a developed culture of getting around on foot and it is compact enough to be well-suited for a blend of walking and exploration. Begin every morning by jogging along the iconic Gold Mile. Just beyond the borders of the city, an adventure filled with spelunking, rock climbing and bungee jumping awaits, all against a Lord of the Rings backdrop.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you want a casual fitness vacation filled with cultural goodies, head over to Amsterdam. It is basically the new capital of the European Union and it offers an amazingly preserved historical inner city along with countless museums and pubs. Amsterdam is also known as the city for cyclists as it encourages navigation through its narrow streets via bikes. Rent a bike if you have not brought your own and enjoy one of the most hectic and colorful solo adventures.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you want a solo fitness holiday, Reykjavik is probably the best destination for you. The capital of Iceland has top-of-the-line gyms and health restaurants in a small and accessible urban area and the surrounding landscapes invite endless jogging sessions in the cleanest air you will ever inhale in a place touched by civilization.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

If you are looking for the perfect blend between a relaxing and physically engaging vacation, Byron Bay is the destination for you. Located on the Pacific coastline between Sydney and Brisbane, this idyllic beach town is surrounded by lush nature. Settle into the best Byron Bay accommodation and venture out to the playground of fitness activities. Nearby rainforest tracks make for stunning hiking backdrops and there is a cycleway that goes along the coast if you want to spin the wheels. If you want to test your lungs, visit Byron Bay Dive Centre on 9 Marvell Street. They run both diving and snorkeling trips to the gorgeous Julian Rocks.

Geneva, Switzerland

Here is the ideal place for solo travelers who like a health-boosting holiday filled with physical activities, with a few crazy disco-nights on the side. Lake Geneva is dotted with amazing bistros, restaurants, clubs and museums. Purchase a pair of sturdy hiking boots and prepare for the hike of a lifetime across the Alps, on the Swiss Rail Pass.

Limon, Costa Rica

Head to the happiest country on Earth for a solo vacation that will leave you both entertained and fit. This is a destination for those who want to become experts at surfing. You can also join a rafting company and work those trapezius muscles and deltoids. Reventazón River offers you a 90 minute rafting tour and class 2 rapids – which are well suited for beginners.

Oslo, Norway

With expansive, rugged landscapes that stretch on for 2,544 km, Norway is the ideal destination for solo travelers who want to test their physical strength and agility. After a short tour of Oslo, the city itself would basically serve as a hub for countless adventures in the countryside. With some of the most unimaginably beautiful fjords on the planet, a Norway adventure will leave you breathless.

Bali, Indonesia

We are breaking the pattern of recommending cities with this extremely popular destination for those who are looking for a vacation filled with yoga and meditation. Bali has countless beauties to offer for health-fiends: cheap, but healthy food, affordable lodging, amazing massages and sunset yoga sessions on the beach.

If you have never gone on a vacation that is all about you, it is high time you take a chance on it in one (or two) of these amazing destinations. It is true when they say “no man’s an island”, especially if you have a big family, but the truth is every person needs at least a short escapade every now and then to recharge their batteries. If you can use that precious time to boost your physical prowess and exercise your body and your mind, you will return home ready for challenges that seemed insurmountable before.





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