Building on her rapidly growing career as a television and film actress and commercial print model multi-talented performer Lauren Quatavia has reached a new level, featuring as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series “The Walking Dead“.  Airing every Sunday at 9 PM Eastern time, Lauren Quatavia features in several episodes of this hugely popular show, based on the award-winning Walking Dead comic book, which follows an unlikely band of people struggling to survive a sudden zombie apocalypse.  With its global fan following, the series is sure to take Lauren Quatavia to soaring career heights.

Lauren Quatavia’s dynamic screen presence and professional experience landed her a guest role on “The Walking Dead“, enhancing her already impressive resume, which includes such television credits as hosting WGo Network‘s Whatz Going On TV (where she interviewed R&B legend Ginuwine), and taking the stage at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards, as a presenter.  In addition, Lauren Quatavia’s diverse portfolio showcases her work with CubeVision Films, where she appeared in Fist Fightand a plethora of music videos, among them leading roles in Cashflow’s “Hey, Lover, Streetkings’ Customer”and a feature in DJ Webstar’s “Party Girl“.  As a model, Lauren Quatavia, whose career began a dozen years ago, shone brightly as a Brand Rep for Hershey Foods and Hardbody TV, and doing top-level gigs with Ecstasy Models.

A native Long Islander, Lauren Quatavia now resides in Georgia, where she continues to develop her gifts, which extend behind the lights and cameras, as well as in front of them.  Quatavia’s worked on the creation of various magazines, and assisted casting and music video directors with their projects. Notably, Lauren Quatavia recently completed the Code Red Tour with signature girl band XSO, for R&B superstar Monica, featuring Rico Love, which played to packed venues around the country. “The Walking Dead” star recently also filmed a commercial for the iconic culinary Food Network channel.  As an accomplished, young, rising star, we’re sure to see more and greater roles for Lauren Quatavia in the near future.

“The Walking Dead” is a Golden Globe Award-winning horror drama television series which was developed by Frank Darabont and based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.  What can fans expect in terms of character regarding your timely arrival in season seven of “The Walking Dead”?

My character opens the door for people to get to know Negan a little more as far as his home life. I play one of his wives, so this will be very interesting as the season continues.

“The Walking Dead” primarily takes place within the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and surrounding countryside.  How was the filming process for you overall?

I had so much fun filming. The hours are long but it is something I love to do, so I was in my happy place. The cast was very professional and fun to be around.  Lots of laughter on set.


“The Walking Dead” premiered in the United States on October 2010 and airs on AMC.  What do you believe is the primary reason that has both strongly captured and maintained the imaginations of viewers of “The Walking Dead”?

The storyline is so intense. The actors are so talented. You become attached to the characters and just when you think it can’t get any worse it does!

As a result of vastly favorable Nielsen ratings that indicated “The Walking Dead” unprecedentedly high for a cable television series, AMC has renewed “The Walking Dead” series each year.  What drew you to the show and is there a particular “The Walking Dead” co-star which you have learned from on a professional level?

Originally, I wasn’t interested in watching it because I thought it was just about zombies. I have a cousin who is a huge fan. I was at her home one night and watched an episode with her and I immediately became a fan. I learned a lot from watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is so focused and really brings the character to life through his words and body language.

How did the opportunity initially arise to work with CubeVision Films and how much did you learn from Ice Cube?

I responded to a casting to play a high school student. Ice Cube was not on set the day I worked. We don’t always get the luck to work directly with the star, but we learn from the people they put in place to run the show.

Shifting gears, you continue to develop your gifts both behind the lights and cameras as well as in front of them. When did you decide to become involved in production and filming behind the camera? 

I love all things involving entertainment, so when I wasn’t filming for a project I still wanted to be on set and assist. In 2010, I started interning for a DJ for a popular radio station in NY for the summer and from there I continued to build my resume.

Most recently, you completed  the sold-out nationwide Code Red Tour with signature girl band XSO featuring Rico Love for R&B superstar Monica. What was personally the most memorable part of the Code Red Tour?

Traveling. I love traveling. Each state we stopped in I wanted to explore. I was like a kid in a candy store. The energy behind the scenes was amazing.  You would think there would be drama with us being together so long on the road, but nope.  We really had a great time.


You filmed a television segment for The Grill Iron on the iconic culinary Food Network channel most recently. First and foremost, how much of an honor was it for you to work with The Grill Iron and what are your favorite dishes that you like to cook?

It was a huge honor. Every time I get cast for a project I am super grateful that I was given the opportunity. My favorite dish to cook is Parmesan Crusted Shrimp and Fish. Do you guys like that dish as much as I do?

How was your experience in hindsight in presenting live on-stage stage at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards?

Thoughts to myself, “Don’t trip, Don’t trip!!” What else can you think in that moment?

What was your most memorable interview whilst serving as host for WGo Network’s “Whatz Going On TV”?

My interview with R&B artist Ginuwine. It was my first celebrity interview. I was super nervous, but once I got started you couldn’t tell.  I like to think I’m a natural, so I work hard to continue to grow as an actress.

As a model, you’ve served as a Brand Rep for Hershey Foods and Hardbody TV. When did you decide to take the leap of faith and pursue modelling?

I was approached by a casting director while I was out at an event. He loved my look and I decided to give it a try. The rest was Chocolate Abs city.

Before we leave Lauren, do you have any forthcoming endeavors which you would like to share with the audience at home?

Outside of entertainment, I love to help people. I have recently signed up to volunteer as a Rape Victim Advocate. On the industry side of things, I am working with my management MNS Media Group on some commercial opportunities, which i’m so looking forward to doing.

I want to thank you and your readers for taking the time to hear my story.  I wish you nothing but peace, love and success.


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