It seems that being ‘ard is in fashion…literally. Luckily, there is no need for you to ditch your choir girl image and turn into an ASBO yielding bad gyal to pay homage to the trend. Get your hands on a knuckleduster ring for a knockout statement piece.

Float like a butterfly,  Sting Like a Bee

Rabid Fox Sterling Twin Bee Knuckleduster £179.88

And In the Red Corner…

River Island Triple Gem Knuckleduster Ring £8.00

Skull and Cross Jaws

Three Skull Knuckleduster Ring £7.50 Topshop


One Tough Cookie

Bourbon Biscuit Knuckleduster Ring (other designs available) £15.00

I’ve got a bone to pick with you

Silver Bone Knuckleduster £64.00




If you fancy designing your own Knuckleduster ring, is the place to visit.  Each ring is made to order based on your specifications and prices start from just £11.00


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W| By Taytula Burke

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