Meditation by its original definition is nothing more than thinking about something or contemplating about something. Lately however when someone says ‘I meditate’ we assume the person sits in the lotus position (with legs crossed) holding palms of their hands together in a prayerlike gesture and… thinking nothing.

When we want to meditate, we usually mean we want to relax in an efficient manner. In short, meditation can be any type of ‘activity’ where your mind is taken off the daily struggles and your body is somewhat rested. Which, in itself, is a bit of a dangerous slope given that many meditation tapes suggest for you to lie down. And of course, we fall asleep if we are tired enough, we’ve all been there!

So, are there other type of meditations we can all do easily and while achieving the results we seek from meditation: rest, recharge and some feeling of balance, (even if only a short period of time after performing meditation?)

The answer is yes – there are. And you don’t even need to set an hour or two aside to achieve the results many yogis claim to achieve following their meditative practice. You’ll also be surprised, you are doing it often enough already, we just need to tweak your meditative opportunities so that you get the proper or fuller benefits. Simply follow the steps in our ‘Effortless Meditations.’

Effortless Meditation: ‘Have a Cup of Tea’

How many coffees or teas do you go through, throughout the day? The answer for many is – A LOT. Now we just need to modify your drinking technique and turn it into a meditation session. And, it’s best done after 10am, or a few hours after you’ve had your wake-up cup of coffee or strong ‘cuppa’ tea.  (I am way smarter than to stand between you and your caffeine fix first thing in the morning J…)

Instead of a cup of coffee or black tea, get a cup of herbal tea or decaf coffee. You want to relax, not to energise your body to such an extent that you burn out easier and faster. And by afternoon you’ll be absolutely exhausted.

Get your tea or coffee and find the quietest corner or place possible. Smell your tea or coffee, stare at your drink somewhat in a gazing state for a few moments before having a sip. Have a sip, close your eyes for a moment. Repeat. Smell, gaze, have a sip. Take your time. About ten minutes. The trick is to really concentrate on the smell and the temperature of the tea, and the temperature and the ‘feel’ of the steam you are breathing in. You want to activate your otherwise semi-dormant senses and concentrate on them rather than starting up your thinking power. If you are doing it correctly, i.e. fully enjoying your tea (just get the herbal tea you like please!) you won’t have any ‘busy’ thoughts crawling through your brain. You’ll simply relax, and let your brain rest, and your body rest.

Being able to be in such a concentrated state while activating your otherwise lesser used senses, allow your body and your brain relax and, most importantly, allow your subconscious to sort out a lot of stuff for you! So, don’t be surprised if an hour or perhaps even straight after, you’ll have great ideas and solutions flooding your mind. And in a good way. Kinda sorted way.




W| By Olga Star                                                                                     Via #Wellbeing

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