India is a land for all kinds of travelers. There are spots exclusively for bachelors, spots for romantic travelers and so on. Thus, it is important to choose the right destination. Your itinerary should be able to satisfy the needs of all age groups in your family. Apart from this, there are a lot of other tips that would come handy if you are planning to visit India with your family and kids.

  • Keep your medicines in stock. India is a land with high-class medical services. But, not all states and cities are well equipped with hygiene elements. Keep necessary medicines, wet wipes, sanitary napkins and others while your travel.

  • India is generally hot. It is not something new to someone who has already been on a tropical vacation. The temperature can go as high as 40 degree C during summer. Always carry a bottle of water with you. Pure drinking water is abundantly found in major cities but not everywhere. Prefer sealed bottles.

  • Epidemics are not very common in India but it is important to learn about vaccinations that have to be taken before entering the country. India also has some vaccination criteria for travelers from certain countries. Learn whether your country falls in the list.

  • Not all public places would provide stroller for infants. It is better to have a carry-on belt or other necessary equipment.

  • Indian food is generally spicy. A food that is described as very bland by the locals would be very spicier for tourists. Thus, specifically mention that you need less spicy food. You can also choose international cuisine hotels for a less spicy home-style food.

  • During peak tourism season, finding accommodation becomes hard. Thus, it is important to pre-book all your services before your destination date. This is very essential if you are travelling in winter and if your destination is a very famous tourist spot.

  • If you are travelling with a small kid, it is better to avoid street foods in India.

  • It is better to dress decently in India. India is a culturally rich country and people expect you to respect their culture.

  • It is not safe to allow women or kids to stroll around at night alone. While most of the cities in the country are very safe, it is better to avoid any serious situation as much as possible.

  • The public transportation is always crowded. It is better to hire a cab for your vacation or rent one without a driver. You can ride the train or bus for a change but it is better to travel around in a separate car.

  • India is a very welcoming country with an ethical standard that compares guest to God. In the same manner, you can always find petty crimes all around the world. So, be alert and do not fall for simple frauds.

  • If you are visiting any religious spot, it is very important to obey their culture. Photography is not allowed in many religious structures.

  • Some areas like Thirupathi, Varanasi and others are always crowded. If you are travelling with a small kid, be cautious.

  • Bargaining is very essential while buying local goods. People tend to raise their mark-up price by 400% or more when they see a foreigner. Haggle as much as possible.

  • Good English speaking guide is not found in every tourist spot. You can hire one through your hotel.

  • If you are planning on a natural attraction based vacation, choose your activities wisely. Not all activities would suit all. For instance, nighttime trekking in Periyar National Park, Kerala is not for children. Older people cannot raft in Ladakh and so on.

  • Cotton clothing would suit most of the climatic conditions in the country. If you are visiting in winter, certain North Indian regions would be very cold. Learn about the climatic condition and pack accordingly.

  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed in all public places in the country.

Before you start planning, read a lot about your destination. Make a note of all the places and activities that would suit all the family members. The last and final tip is to enjoy and have a safe vacation.


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Alina Jack, A writer and blogger by profession. Loves to travel and likes to share travel experiences through writing blogs and articles. In this article, I have shared the tips for those travelers who want to visit India with family and kids. You can get more travel tips through my write ups from here.



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