Sexual Intercourse, The Wild Ride, Hitting them skins, Intimacy, Shagging, making love or whatever you want to call it. It can’t be argued that sex places a vital part within a relationship.
The biggest issue with sex within a relationship is a misunderstanding of your partners needs.
When I say “needs” I’m referring to the things that your partner likes to give or receive to further stimulate the sexual activity.

Whether it’s:

Neck kissing, massaging, teasing, caressing touches, playing music, nibbling the ear, the list is endless.

How do you find out your partners favourite food? You talk about it!

How do you find out what places don’t interest your partner? You talk about it!

How do you distinguish what turns your partner on and off?

Yes, you talk about it.


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The issue that many people face within their relationships is that they don’t talk about what they want and expect from their partners. Communicating about what turns you on and off will not only enhance your relationship for the better but will also raise your confidence and challenge you to push the sexual boundaries. Too often, both parties in the relationship know what they enjoy but are too nervous to share, for the fear that they may get rejected.

If you are within a partnership and you can’t feel comfortable exploring your sexual turn-on’s and turn-offs, you may have to evaluate the reasons why you can’t be yourself within that union and to look at what issues need to be addressed. Stubbornness can also be a major issue within a relationship. It is very easy to be stuck in your ways and not be willing to take into consideration the needs of your partner.
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For example: If a couple talked about their sexual likes and dislikes and reached a mutual understanding, their sex life would be great for both parties as long as they were both willing to . If a couple hasn’t talked about their likes and dislikes their sex life has the possibility to be Chaotic! And that’s all it takes disseminate any future sexual encounters.

Communication is KEY. There is sometimes the rare occasion when two people just sexually hit it off. If you want to wait for that then by all means… SIT AND WAIT!  If not, take some initiative and talk to your partner! In my opinion, a couple which talk to one another have more chance of making a success of their relationship, both in and out of the bedroom.

Sex should be fun and a time of exploration. Don’t allow fear or the lack of communication to hold you back.




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