When you pass on and people now have to make a speech about you, what would they say? Would they say you took every opportunity that came your way or would they say you failed to leave the starting blocks? How many times have you wanted to do something, launch something or make a change in your life but there are some negative voices that seem to want to derail you and throw you off balance? 

‘Everyone wants to do something, but some fail to start’  

‘Everybody starts the race, but not everybody finishes the race’ 

It’s the dream of nearly all society to say they successfully did something new or were able to look back after a few years and then begin to reminisce on how successful they were.  However, there’s a small section of people who will want to stop you at every avenue possible. Along with these people, there is an enemy who can do damage all by themselves. That enemy is YOU. You can be your own worst enemy. 

So, how can you be your own worst enemy? You can be your own worst enemy by feeding your mind with negative thoughts and words. When you tell yourself that you can’t do something or that you don’t look the part or even when you fear something and not push through that fear that’s when negativity creeps in. 

When the mind is fed with negative thoughts and words, it starts to believe it and will then programme itself to believe that you indeed can’t do something. 

Having a circle of negative people and having a negative mindset will cause your dreams to die and everything you want to do in life will not be achievable. Having a negative outlook on life will ruin how you see and evidently create your future.

To really begin to see life on bright side and in order to achieve a cup full mentality you need to train your mind to start thinking positively. Tell yourself that you can do it, tell yourself that it is possible and tell yourself that is achievable. Keep repeating the message that all is achievable if you first believe you can and you have the determination and self belief inside to make it happen.

If you’re currently in that mental space where you want to begin implementing the steps to instill lasting change, you need to begin implementing the following things:


  1. Find a circle of positive people who will speak positive words into your life, people who will support and back you all the way. 

Too many of us surround ourselves with people who (whether it be intentionally or not) speak negatively around us. Think of Science and particularly Osmosis. Whether we realise it or not, we’re subconsciously taking in the words they speak and it affects our ability to maintain a positive, mental attitude.  

2. Keep a gratitude journal 

Positivity breeds positvity so writing down what you’re thankful for and reading it back helps to heighten your mood and enables you to remind yourself of the blessings you have already received. There is great power in exercising the act of giving thanks.

3. Steer clear of gossip and don’t allow others to drag you into their complaints 

Gossip and the act of complaining are two negative and detrimental actions that can affect your confidence and your positive mindset. Separate yourself from people that enjoy gossiping and moaning about their circumstance. They can and never will serve you.

4.  Use positive words to describe your life- speak it into existence. 

Have you heard of the saying, ‘thoughts become things’?, well words play apart of that narrative. In order to be positive you need to speak positive. Say positive words, pay someone a compliment, praise yourself and your efforts. Say it loud so the whole world hears you.

    5. Have solutions when pointing out problems 

Individuals who have a positive mindset don’t necessarily have everything working in their favour however they choose to not dwell on the problems that arise for too long and instead focus on the solution.

  6. Make yourself and other people smile 

Seeking to be worth knowing and not well known, Set out to make someone happy outside of yourself. Helping others is a true sign of confidence and will help you maintain your positive spirit.

Beautiful African Woman

From today, begin to see life differently, implement my tips, think positively and you will begin to have a better outlook on life.



W| By Ryan Osborne                                                           Via #BeINspired

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