Sometimes in life we can give our absolute all only for it to be not good enough. We are discarded and forgotten like a momentary whisper in the wind. In the sheer blink of an eye, years of unprecedented dedication, vast sacrifice and unbridled passion can be eviscerated by our own actions and words in less than sixty seconds. These actions may come to define us for eternity and leave a gigantic ocean of severe emotional and psychological regret hanging deep over our heads, coupled with burning anxiety, frustration, disappointment and hurt.

Questions of “What could have been?” are posed as we gaze in the mirror, as well as questions of rectifying a series of events in time and questions of redemption hold endless answers. Yesterday cannot rewind although we look toward tomorrow even if the future looks uncertain and the odds are stacked against us.
You see, that intense hurt and inner sorrow that we have come to know will melt away with accepting redemption. There are some things which are irreversible, unfathomable and unimaginable and burn a deep burning hole inside us if we let it that we often contemplate, introspectively reflect and look at the past momentarily to build clarity and comprehension for the future. We ask ourselves “Why?” and live for the moment with no certainty set in stone if redemption is not an option. However, redemption is the only option.
Life has many crossroads and turning points. Life goes on. However, closure will be our savior. This is not about second, third or fourth chances, rather completing and honoring something on our terms and nobody else’s. Could you imagine a question mark looming in your conscious forever or imagine feelings of unfinished business? Could you even imagine what it feels like to be wrong even if it you felt you were right?
What does your legacy in life mean as a human being? How do you want to be remembered when this temporary destination called life is over? These are questions asked during times of self evaluation and moments of clarity. It is only when we have lost everything that we are free to do anything. This is about a shot at redemption.
What if you could not write another chapter when their were so many more stories to be told? What if what you believed in was crushed in a heartbeat? This is not about glory, this not about attention, titles, respect, status or money. This is a shot at redemption. This is about reclaiming who we once were and redesigning and reclaiming our destiny on our terms, not anybody else’s. This is a shot at redemption.
We live in a cynical and jaded world where we count every time we fall. The true test of the human spirit is defined not by how many times we fall, but by resiliently mustering a heart to go on in the face of adversity. By finding the courage in standing alone. By facing and accepting change and understanding that our destiny begins with redemption. Taking the easy way out is fine for the average human being. Here’s a spoiler: We are NOT average. We are PHENOMENAL!
Would you risk it all to stand up for what you believed in for a shot at redemption? Would you crumble under the pressure when the world is caving in on you and few believe and care for you? There are those loyal to their faith, family, friends, career, passion and of course themselves and their needs. Who will be there for you on your road to redemption? Walk alone if you must and take small steps for a greater purpose as long as the road to redemption was on your terms. Your terms and your terms only. If the water has run dry and our purpose has been served, then we can accept solace in defeat. If victory is on the horizon and you have stumbled once, twice, maybe three times along the way, sometimes we will be given the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes history will be re-written and we are remembered by our losses. Redemption is the only option to right the wrongs whether you or anybody else care to believe in the road to redemption.
There are things which cannot be undone although closure, reconciliation and respect will come to pass if time healed all wounds. This is about redemption. Through good, bad, right, wrong or indifferent – you are not alone and many women and men have tried and many women and men have failed, but in taking this step to redemption your soul will be free from guilt, anger, heartache, frustration and bitterness.
This is not about the past, this is about the present and the future. This is not about the rekindling of yesterday. This is not about acceptance nor approval.  This is about taking back our lives, our dignity and our respect. Walking away is an easy option for the weak as their arms are too short to box with God.
The road to redemption begins with evaluation and improvement. The road to redemption begins with acceptance and belief. Redemption has saved women and men for thousands of years. It starts from within. It starts right here…right now!
This is about a shot at redemption to get back to finding out who we are within, what we are and why we were put here on earth. This is about reclaiming who we once were. It is better to be hated for exactly who we are than to be loved for everything we are not. This is about redemption.
 The road to redemption is an avenue which will prove pivotal even if it seems daunting and overwhelming from the outside looking in. This is about redemption and we have no fear or trepidation to accept our wrongdoings to rebuild a greater version of ourselves. Welcome to the road to redemption.






W| By Dean Perretta                                                                       Via #BeInspired

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