The Beffta’s ‘Black Entertainment Film Fashion and Television awards’ which were held back in October showcased some of the best and most talented black entertainers within the UK and it was very exciting to learn that they had made sure to include the young performers who are making major waves within their chosen career. We first caught up with the singer, actress, model and dancer Destinee at the Beffta nomination party held at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Park Lane. She was excited to be nominated and focused on making her mark on the music scene, all at the grand old age of 10! As we launch our ‘Youth In-spired’ section- a new section of the magazine which will focus on youth talents as well as highlighting youth issues. It made sense to introduce our new column with Destinee and bring her bright star to your attention. You thought Willow Smith had it going on but we can only assume you haven’t been introduced to this superstar in the making. Enjoy!

Destinee congratulations firstly on being nominated for a Beffta. How excited were you to be recognised for all the work you have done so far?

Oh Gosh. I rang like everyone really, all my family and friends I was so excited and happy. I actually didn’t believe my mum until she showed me the email from the Beffta team. It made me feel like all the hard work is paying off and I loved getting dressed up and walking the red carpet (Laughs) I really want to thank Pauline Long for seeing my efforts and letting me take part. Oh, and I got to meet Akai that was so cool!

Although, you didn’t run away with the prize how much has the nomination helped you?

It didn’t matter because my mum always says it’s not the winning that’s important it’s the taking part that counts and it’s true. I was just really happy to be nominated and be at a grown up event and I got to stay out late. (Laughs) I still can’t believe it ! It has helped me gain more fans and to be even more focused on my career.

You are no stranger to the limelight having been modelling since the age of two! What is your most favourite part about modelling?

Oh I love runway that’s def the best and I like high fashion shoots because I love to dress up in all the funky outfits and get my hair done and stuff.

Out of all your modelling jobs what has been your most favourite and why?

A Matalan school uniform shoot I did when I was about 7yrs old because I was in all the stores on the posters and I got recognised by the staff in my local store.(Laughs)

Also, a shoot I did for Getty images last year called “People and their Pets” I did it with my little spaniel Oscar. He’s adorable and now he’s got his own fans too.

Away from modelling you are also a dancer and have performed at a number of venues in the UK. What has been your most favourite show?

My best show so far was my 1st live performance which was a 2 track set at Northampton Carnival in June this year on the main stage and I was the headline act!

I performed to an audience of about 10,000 people, I sang live and I also performed all the dance choreography too with my two backing dancers. When I did the 2nd track “Get Up Get Up” the audience went wild. (Laughs) They didn’t expect it because it’s an up-tempo club track.

What do you enjoy the most about performing on stage?

I love performing to the audience and seeing people enjoy themselves and it lets me show people what I can really do.

Away from modelling, dancing and singing, do you have any other talents?

Yes, I’m a really fast sprinter and have come 1st for the last 4 years at the school sports day 100 meters race, my PE teacher always says I should take up athletics, I play netball every week too and I love art and drawing.

In 2006, you featured on the show ‘Britain’s Best Kid’ what was it like to appear on this show and did you enjoy the experience?

Yeah, it was cool. It was filmed in Manchester and there were lots of other really talented kids and some super brainy ones too, it was fun to do the silly challenges and stuff.

How do you manage your education with performing?

I do most of my performing out of school hours except on the odd occasion when I am filming during the week and I always get my homework done on the day I get it so I have time to do all my other stuff. School always comes first. Maths is my favourite subject aside from music. I’m going to performing arts/music College next September and I would really love to go to the Brit School later on.

You recorded your first single ‘Mumma’s Little Princess’ in June 2010 at the age of 9! The single featured the young rapper Young Mack and was released through your own label ‘Audio Kids Records’. What did your supporters think of the song?

They loved it especially the girls because they are all their “mum’s little princesses” and I think they can relate to it, like the whole girly princess dress up things and stuff. Some of my fans have covered my song and also a UK girl rap group called T.S.T rapped about me in one of their songs. That’s really something, to know you inspire other kids. My producer Yannis Constantinou wrote and produced the song for me he’s really cool and fun to work with.

The video looked very fun, how long was you filming for and what was the best part?

Yeah it was lots of fun, my mum and her colleague Mark shot and directed my video. We started filming at 8am in the morning and finished about 7pm but I’m used to it because I have been at work on set with my mum lots of times when she shoots videos for other artists and the day went so quickly. I love filming and I can’t wait to do my next video. The best part was when we were all dancing in the street and we had a huge crowd of people watching us and they were all clapping after each take.(Laughs) that was funny.

You landed a major role in a new UK sitcom ‘Sa’ll about the McKenzies’ are you filming that now?

Oh yeah I love filming the show. We filmed the pilot during the summer and I star alongside Samuel Benta who wrote the script and also directs the show. I play the youngest of the McKenzie children “Angel” Samuel’s annoying little sister but I’m no angel. (Laughs)

The cast are really funny and working with Samuel has taught me so much, he’s like my acting mentor now. I had to remember all my lines and get into character. The show is in pre production and we start filming again in the New Year. I can’t wait !  I’m going to be filming some acting show reels with Samuel soon too.

Why would you say you are the 1 2Watch?

Err… that’s a hard question (Laughs)

Maybe because I am very focused and I have some surprises coming up in the new year so people will be able to see what I have been doing in the studio and on set of the McKenzie’s.

What are you most proud of so far out of all of your achievements?

Releasing my first song and video and working with Samuel and the McKenzies cast.

What advice can you give other young stars like you who are trying to get noticed?

Never give up and if you really, really want to do something you should, it doesn’t matter how young you are. If you work hard and put in the time and effort you will see results. Don’t worry about what people say about you because you can’t please everyone but you can please yourself. My mum tells me that all the time and it’s true. Just do what makes YOU happy.

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