‘Once a Marine, always a Marine’ is the honorary catchphrase that holds certifiably truer – and richer – than it ever has before. The immensely brave service women and men who have courageously left their beloved families for 365 days each and every year to pursue battle – and tenaciously defend – our own right to essentially live another day is a firm testament to the selfless sign of these often unheralded true heroes in the world in which we exist in; idolisation is far too often glorified toward reality television superstars, and run-of-the-mill pop singers when saluting the real inspirations who impact our lives.

True Marines live daily by both a moral and ethic code – honour, courage, respect, discipline, and full commitment to the cause; commonplace words such as me, myself and I are prohibited, and substituted with we, us and our. The team oriented attitude of these heroes perennially prevail in the faces of fear of tyrannical enemies, and/or extend their hand for their fallen comrades; training to be in service requires acumen and virtues as physical adeptness and nerves of steel.

November 11 is the day that signifies heartfelt reflection and appreciation to the individuals who have provided a world-class security wall and technical brilliance in obliterating heinous leaders, negating evil perils who pose threat, whilst representing in what one stands for and believes in – justice for mankind and valid retribution.

The blood-shed sacrifices have often seen these daring women and men return home mentally scarred for eternity, or physically debilitated to the very dismay of their own young children, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives. However, the unwavering spirit in defending a nation – or united affiliation – from vile hostility will remain in ones heart, even post-aftermath after all is said and done. A soldier salute is warranted to the inspiring individuals who have had the bold temerity and braveness in protecting millions of innocent civilians who believed in such wholehearted righteousness.





W| By Dean Perretta                 

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