It’s that thing we all hate; to have flakes on our shoulder or a snowflake storm flowing from our hair. I’ve written a couple of articles on the subject of dandruff along with dry and flaky scalp; we’ve learned that there’s a herb that can be taken called pau d’ arco (Anti Fungal Herb) suggested by Gillian McKeith from the hit show “You Are What You Eat.” She advises to remedy the constant production of snowflakes AKA dandruff  internally instead of a quick fix externally. Many don’t like the idea of taking something because of the busy lives they lead. With that being said I’ve also discovered an at home hair mask that not only tames frizz but promotes a healthy flake free scalp.

When life gives you lemons you should as the old saying goes; make lemonade, in the case of your hair if your body is producing a flaky scalp you should pour it in your hair! I know it sounds crazy but lemon is naturally cleansing, think about it, it totally makes sense and it natural so it will not harm the hair even if it chemically treated.

So what exactly are we talking about here, squeezing some lemons into a pitch and pouring it on our heads? No, so please do not try that! The acidic juice from the fruit dissolves flakes and excess oil so it will leave the hair clean and fresh.

What you’ll need 

1-2 lemons sliced into four equal sized parts

A comb/ brush

Light moisturizing shampoo

A lightweight leave-in conditioner

You want to follow these simple instructions:

Step one: Part the hair into four equal sections and be sure that it is combed through.

Step two: take the lemon slices and depending on how thick your hair is you’ll need 1 or two of the sliced lemons your going to rub and squeeze at the same time on the parted area and go in taking ¼ partings and doing the same thing rubbing the lemon while you gently squeeze. Do this step to all four sections.

Step three: Massage your scalp to be sure you have covered the scalp and hair roots with the lemon juice and rinse.

Step four: Rinse and give yourself a light shampoo to be sure that you have all the pulp and lemon juice out of the hair.

Step five: After rinsing the shampoo follow up with a lightweight leave-in conditioner and style hair as desired.

Many people suffer from dandruff, and there are many remedies worth  trying. This one caught my attention because I love the way lemons smell and I know they have natural cleansing properties, which totally makes it worth a try!


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