When all celebrities from actresses and performers to models and even fashion bloggers jump on the same bandwagon, well, that means something. For those who aren’t in the know, mules have a very long history, followed by plenty of controversy.

They go way back to ancient Rome, and travelled to France where they were reportedly much beloved by both Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette. According to AnOther magazine, the love these powerful women had for this particular shoe prompted Manolo Blahnik to ask “When you walk in mules, you walk a bit differently. It’s very sexy to me; you have to get your balance… Madame de Pompadour in her mules, walking around Versailles, click, click, click… Can you think of anything more exquisite?” Of course, the shoes were followed by an abundance of controversy with some calling them trashy and claiming that they had no place outside the house. 

Nevertheless, they are here, ruling both the runways and the streets. They became a runway staple back in 2016, but it took a bit of time before they came to be widely accepted. Now, we are showcasing the multitude of celebs sporting them to almost every occasion, so stay tuned and find out how to mix, match and style the ‘it’ shoe of the year.

First things first

So, they were a hit in the 90s, they came back in 2017. Afterwards, they have been seen on a sea of celebrities and us mere mortals alike. Now, they are seen walking down the runways in lines presented by the likes of Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Fenti x Puma and many more. It’s safe to say that, mules and slides are definitely not going anywhere.

When you lead…

…we will follow. This little Gilmore Girls tune applies perfectly to Selena Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram. The ultimate celeb has been spotted strutting down in a variety of mules. The first one that caught our attention was the super-casual simple jeans and a colorful crop-top paired with an incredible pair of Mansur Gavriel open-toed block heel mules. Whoever said that mules can’t look sexy has certainly not seen how they can elevate even the most casual of outfits. However, the second look is definitely a favorite. The ultra-feminine pleated skirt was so impeccably complemented by this pair of Carvela Crow mule sandals that it almost makes you hate Gomez for her effortless elegance, but you can’t because she’s too adorable.

From mules to slides

Ok, so Gomez makes a good case for mules, but what about slides? Second only to the mule, the slide has been one of the most popular pieces of footwear this summer, particularly Birkenstock shoes, that have been seen on casual outing or out there running errands, or simply being comfortable during the sweltering heat. First there was Miranda Kerr, who somehow managed to make the Birks the chicest they’ve ever been. She definitely proves that with the right outfit, any shoe can be a chic one.

The secret – a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple flattering top and a killer bag to elevate the look; try it, it’s super easy. Then there are of course, the trend-setting Olsen sisters who might be pushing the envelope just a tad with a fall getup and a pair of Birks worn with grey socks. But hey, if you’re feeling like breaking the rules, go ahead, they’ve already opened the gates. Finally, you can wear them in a way they were meant to be worn, casually and effortlessly – precisely the way the iconic Julianne Moore does. Loose-fitting pants, a black tee and a simple jean jacket, and you’re good to go.

The fuzzy type

Another variation of both the mule and the slide that has totally stolen the show is the fuzzy kind. Perhaps the most widely known slides are the one from Rihanna’s Fenti x Puma collection, which the like only she can, with a black hoodie, a killer silver bag and sans pants. Finally, the one example that will make you reconsider everything is the gorgeous Gigi who looks like a modern bubblegum princess in this pink sweater that matches the furry details on her Christian Louboutin glittery mules.

So many outfit types, so much gorgeousness. If you weren’t convinced until now, the tides have probably turned. You can fight it all you want, but deep down you know you’ll soon be longing for a pair of these, all of your own.



W| By Claire Hastings                           Via #InspireLSTrends

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