In this world of Competition,

In this world of selfishness,

In this world of Struggle,

In this world of Cruelness,

How do one survive,

How do one settle down,

How do one establish himself,

Trying to be like someone else,

Trying to be intimidating someone else,

The survival will not be possible just by copying someone,

It’s not necessary that if they have survived by doing something then you will also survive by doing the same thing…

For your survival you have to be yourself.

You are an Individual,

You have your own dreams,

You have your own opinion,

You have your own thinking,

You have your own ideas,

You have to be your own boss,

You have to challenge yourself,

You have to break down the boundaries,

Which you have set for yourself,

You have to set your standards in life

on which you have to work upon,

You have your own Brains,

Which is a gift from god,

So why not utilise it.

And stop wasting time in being like someone else,

And dedicate more time to becoming the best version of yourself,

No one is like you and that’s where your power lies.

Can you settle down for less than what you deserve?

Don’t predict your future,

create your own future,

No one else will do it for you,

Normal thinking will give you a normal life,

If you want a life which you have dreamt of

Then Dream big, Be Weird and Work for it.



W| By Archana Soni         

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