In-spire LS Magazine was humbled to be the official media partners for the phenomenal Afrobeats Live which took place at the prestigious Jazz Cafe in Camden, London.

There is no denying that the Afrobeats movement is one to be recognised with music stars achieving national and international success with this infectious musical sound.

Of course, like many genres Afrobeats is not for everyone but one thing than cannot be denied was the immense energy brought to the stage by the talents. Each and every act brought their own unique energy and passion and majorly entertained the crowd.  Hosted by Capital Xtra’s DJ Abrantee, Afrobeats Live had performances from a number of emerging and seasoned music stars from this ever expansive musical movement.

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Performers included Mista Silva, Rough Copy (who although are known for their RnB material performed tracks inspired by the afrobeat sound) Afro B, K Weezy, Mr Jayvic + many more.

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The vibe was infectious, with a endless positive energy and musicians exuding an immense passion for their craft. The result was over 4 hours of constant reminders of the fact that Afrobeats is making major waves.

X Factor Runner-ups Reggie and Bollie made an appearance to pick up the award for their contribution to the scene but unfortunately did not perform. However, the range of artists on the night meant that no one in the crowd missed out.

DJ Abrantee proved to be the best possible host for the event; after all he has been one of if not the most influential media personality to raise the profile of Afrobeats on the musical stage. The live band were also fantastic and helped to keep the mood heightened throughout.

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As far as the location was concerned, there were many highlights to the event being held at the world renowned Jazz Cafe  and having not visited there before; it proved to be the perfect place namely due to its central stage and great acoustics.

Afrobeats Live was a major success and if you attended and were not an appreciator of Afrobeats before, it would be impossible to deny that its growth and expansion across the world has only just begun.

Major shout out and recognition to DLA who put Afrobeats Live together and to all involved. If you missed the event visit our for more exclusive images.

It has just been announced that the next Afrobeats Live event will be taking place in November 27th 2016 once again at the world famous Jazz Cafe.



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